The Eagle And The Sword Harvey K. Schreiber

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The Eagle And The Sword  by  Harvey K. Schreiber

The Eagle And The Sword by Harvey K. Schreiber
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His kingdom was the trackless forest and endless plains.His destiny was foretold by the most sacred gods.His enemies were lethal and legion.He was Attila, with the blood of ancient kings flowing in his veins. The hopes of his people rested on his strength and skill against the forces of evil and powers of darkness that enslaved them.With his mighty warrior-servant Strongoak at his side...his wolf-dog Whitemist at his heels...his proud steed Windswift bearing him through the portals of the nether world itself...this hero of heroes set out to do battle with the most fearsome tyranny that men had ever created and the most nightmarish spirits that satanic sorcery has ever conjured.

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