The Return of the Vigilante Goddess (The Vigilante Series) Paul Meredith


Published: July 22nd 2013

Kindle Edition

214 pages


The Return of the Vigilante Goddess (The Vigilante Series)  by  Paul Meredith

The Return of the Vigilante Goddess (The Vigilante Series) by Paul Meredith
July 22nd 2013 | Kindle Edition | PDF, EPUB, FB2, DjVu, talking book, mp3, ZIP | 214 pages | ISBN: | 6.77 Mb

Esther Scroggins was a private investigator. While married to her first husband she owned a small investigation company. Then her husband died from a fast-acting form of cancer. After being a widow for several years, Esther itched for a change in her boring life. She was solicited and hired by a man she knew only as Sam Little. Her job was as a hired assassin, a position she never dreamed of ever accepting previously. But after hearing Sam Little’s explanation of why the job was so necessary, she bought into it wholeheartedly.While working for Sam Little, Esther met and secretly married Bruno Martini, a work associate also in Little’s employ.

Bruno was a cheerful man unlike any she had known previously. Esther considered him a truly great lover. Bruno was portly, of Italian descent, balding, and a child of immigrant parents. Esther was a thinly muscular redhead, taller than her husband by several inches, and had rarely laughed until she fell in love with Bruno.

They were truly opposites in almost every way imaginable, but for whatever reason, they worked well together.Bruno Martini met an untimely and unexpected death in a huge explosion and fire in the garage at their home. Esther was devastated beyond belief at her loss and cried nearly uncontrollably many times.She vowed revenge for her husband’s death. Knowing Sam Little was at the heart of the reason for his death, he ultimately died at the hands of Kate Sullivan.

It was retaliation for the contracted death of her husband, Bruno Martini.Esther completely stopped working at her investigation business for a while until she recovered emotionally from Bruno’s death. She had truly loved him deeply. After returning to her office and working alone again, Esther quickly grew weary of the loneliness and the mundane tasks of investigating cheating spouses and doing background checks of potential employees for corporations.

She longed to return to her part-time work as a paid assassin using her alias name of Kate Sullivan. It was a calling she found she could not ignore. Mistakenly, she felt it her duty to rid the world of certain types of criminals, killers who took innocent lives and got away with it. Due to the circumstances of the volume of work that eventually evolved, Esther found she needed help. After careful research she quite unexpectedly discovered a person she thought would fit the bill. That person was Brody Rogers, a police officer who was wrongly fired in Des Moines.

Esther, through skillful negotiation, brought Rogers into the paid assassin work as her close associate. In time, after some period of equivocation of reason, she married him. Brody Rogers was her third husband.Then, quite unexpectedly, Brody Rogers was killed in a tragic vehicle accident one night as he was returning from the assignment of executing a woman the couple deemed dangerous to them.

After a very short period of mourning for his death, Esther Rogers returned to her investigation business in Omaha, and ultimately to the type of work she had learned to love, that of being a highly-paid assassin of the criminals who escaped the proper justice of the courts for the crimes they committed.This story resumes where The Rise of the Vigilante Goddess ended.

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